Saturday, August 28, 2010

The day after the day before....

The day started with the most beautyfull sunrise you can ever imagine, all the colors...
But we had to spend this morning in the depths of our server-bunker.
While us soldiers and snipers kept guard of the perimeter, the server mechanics did their job. Once the job was done we got out as swiftly as we went in.

Yes people we replaced the server.

Downtime Saturday 28

As you might or might not have noticed:

Some of our sites where performing really bad.
We seem to have some problems with our Flux Capacitator!

So we put a gun to the head of the Doc and said: "build it on a fucking Ferrari! You lame ass Doc"!

We shot the asshole on the spot and burried him in an unknown grave so now you know why the fucking movies about Back to the Future ended.

At the moment some tech guys are on it to get our sites back in shape.... HAIL for the tech guys!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some trouble may 16

As you all may or may not have noticed from 19:00 till 01:00 (Amsterdam time) we experienced some trouble on several of our sites. This all should be fixed now.
Next time a thing like that happens remember other sites of ours where still online and working. For a gore picture fix you could have visited or for a short chat with friends you could have used the comments on just giving a hint.

For now peace and tranquility has returned to our beloved Ogre Land.

ICE over and out!

"Beam me up Scotty!"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nothing fishy going on

Walk along people nothing is wrong.